Multi-Layer Pipes with AluminiumValsir – Mixal Pipes


Heat performance
  • The presence of the aluminum layer, its thickness and position, result in excellent heat conductivity characteristics.
  • With Mixal® pipes it is possible to carry out floor heating systems with higher heat outputs.
  • In fact, the greater conductance generates higher temperatures on the pipe surface as compared with all-plastic pipes (PE-X and PERT) and this advantage is reflected, for example in the possibility of obtaining relatively low supply temperatures.
  • The greater performance of Mixal® pipes compared with all-plastic pipes means greater system output at equal flow conditions. An example: the 16×2 Mixal® pipe has the same thermal output as the 17×2 PE-X pipe.
Mechanical behaviour
  • The mechanical characteristics of the Mixal® pipes make them ideal for use in floor heating systems. The bending radius corresponds to 2.5 times the pipe diameter and the circular section at the bend remains constant.
  • The pipe, once bent, remains in the desired position like a metal pipe; hence the use of anchor clips is not required as with all-plastic pipes.
Barrier against oxygen and UV rays
  • The inner layer in aluminum acts as a perfect barrier against the passage of gaseous molecules thus avoiding the danger of corrosion due to oxygen infiltration and damage caused by exposure to UV rays



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