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About Us

Who are we?

Climake for Heating, Cooling, and Ventilation provides central heating systems for residential, commercial and industrial buildings to help create a pleasant atmosphere filled with happy moments!

Allowing you to make your own climate, as well as save energy and money, Climake brilliantly combines high-efficiency boilers, panel radiators, underfloor heating pipes, and smart heating controls for the best and most economic results.

Offering complete accountability, we are ready to help you develop the most ideal solutions that meet your needs and guarantee your comfort.

Vision & Mission


To be the biggest and most trusted company in the Egyptian market for providing and installing heating, ventilation, and cooling systems.


To provide superior quality of indoor climate systems and services and ensure customer recommendations, purchaser trust, and employee pride, as well as serve the greater goal of a healthier society with eco-friendly climate systems.

CEO Word

Ahmed Emam

Thermal well-being is the sensation of comfort which is essential to our existence, and our role to provide superior quality of indoor climate systems.

Since we started to establish Climake, we have devoted ourselves with unbridled passion to overcoming the ever-evolving challenges of Indoor climate to become the leading company of heating, cooling and ventilation equipment.

Leveraging our partners unique cutting-edge technology, we deliver outstanding products and system solutions to ensure comfortable and sustainable living environments for all people. We are always exploring new technologies for heating, cooling and ventilation systems and bringing them to market, through a dedicated, highly experinced and professional team.

That will always be, Climake mission.

Our Clients

Our Projects

  • Allegria, Sodic, Giza
  • The Square Compound, 5th Settlement
  • Joya, Zayed, 6th October
  • Mivida, 5th Settlement
  • Rehab City, New Cairo