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Our Partners​

Caleffi, leading Italian manufacturer of components for heating, cooling, plumbing and renewable energy for residential and industrial systems.

Three production sites are located in Northern Italy. In 1 year, techno polymer stamping facility delivers 355 million finished products and we machine 300 million pieces, handling over 15,000 tons of brass.

Italian head and heart. Global focalization.

Valsir was founded in 1987, on the basis of a precise industrial strategy adopted by the Silmar Group – a holding that is leader in the plumbing and heating market with a sales turnover of over 900 million Euro and 2,600 employees. Economic growth, technological development, pursuit of quality, on-going research, project design activities, the strong presence in European markets and in the rest of the world are the elements that have guided and still guide Valsir policies today.

Historical brand, well known and recognized all over the world.

The brand founded in 1966 with a worldwide patent for its aluminum die cast radiators. The Company is famous for its die-cast aluminum radiators and the deep knowledge of aluminum, it distinguishes itself on the market not only for the wide range of products and the related quality, but also for its vocation towards quality and a flexible production that allows to adapt technical requests for the radiators production in the different Country where Faral exports. Faral’s radiator stand for quality, innovation and environmental protection, only Italian products offering the most intelligent choices for domestic heating.

Recognized as a leader in the residential heating sector; our ongoing mission is to develop innovative products and solutions that satisfy global needs.

For nearly 50-years, Beretta has been producing wall-hung gas appliances, and has gained an enviable reputation for performance and reliability; the Beretta brand is now synonymous with quality and distinction throughout the world.

NextHeat was created with the aim of changing the way we heat up.

NextHeat produce radiators, towel warmers, accessories and new design patents, exclusively in recycled aluminum, with particular attention to sustainability and reducing consumption.